View The Difference: Three Health + Wellness Benefits of Bower’s View Smart Windows

At Bower, biophilic design is at the center of our resident experience. Focused on bringing the natural world into our spaces and every-day experiences, biophilic design works to satisfy positive nature-based responses that can refresh your mind. As you wander through our community, you may feel the difference of these design principles in our amenities, interior design decisions, and ample outdoor spaces.

In building Bower, we partnered with View Smart Glass to bring our residents access to all-day natural light and expansive views of the Charles, the Boston skyline, and Fenway. The smart glass can be found in every home and amenity space in the community. These customizable and automated windows respond to natural light to give you optimal views, while delivering your preferred light levels.

On top of offering superior views, View Glass windows optimize health and wellness in three ways.

Natural Light

View Glass works to bring natural light in, while keeping harsh UV rays out. Utilizing their Smart Glass window technology, each window features a light-sensitive coating that automatically adjusts to outside light conditions, reducing glare and eliminating the need for window coverings.

By eliminating the need for window coverings, View Glass gives you better connects you to the outside world and Bower’s surroundings.

Temperature Control

By adapting to your preferred light levels, View Glass can automatically respond to outside conditions and block harsh light and heat from entering. A View Glass study done at Bower in 2021, found that Smart Glass technology was able to reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 37%– Helping the environment, and your wallet. In addition to cost and energy savings, this temperature control aid also works to promote wellness in your home, assuring you stay comfortable regardless of the conditions outside.

Promotes Better Sleep

That’s right! View Glass can even help you sleep better. In a recent study, researchers found that residents who used Smart Glass technology, as opposed to traditional blinds, showed more consistent melatonin production, longer sleep, and reported feeling more well rested. The study suggested that increased access to natural light improves the body's natural circadian rhythm and better aligns it with the rise and set of the sun. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and go to bed tired.

At Bower, we take your health seriously. That’s why we offer our residents access to regular fitness classes, locally-made food, refillable green cleaning supplies, community herb gardens, and more.

See for yourself and view the difference.


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