Building 1 Lobby with a stunning bright red piece of artwork, a teal and red accent chair and plush grey couch with pillows

Vision +

From City
to Sanctuary

Bower was designed on the premise that people want—and need—a connection to nature. It’s private residences and shared spaces are comfortable and lush. Indoor flora, vibrant colors and earthy textures bring the outside in, and with a deep focus on sustainability and technology, daylight and views are a constant.

On first glance, Bower is tall, glassy, confident. Its architecture is clad in heavy materials and steely colorways to establish its permanence within the growing city and contribute to the pulse of urban life. Step inside, and the experience is different. It allures, intrigues, awakens the senses and piques your curiosity. Bower is a never-ending surprise that takes you from city to sanctuary.

Biophilic Design

For thousands of years, humans have lived in concert with nature and, as a species, are much better at navigating under the stars than through city streets. This is the Biophilia Hypothesis—a field of science studying how people associate with nature and the health benefits that ensue. Inspired by these principles and research, Bower’s design team considered questions like: “how is nature physically present in space?” and “how do certain design elements evoke nature?” As a result, biophilic experiences are seamlessly integrated into and throughout the building.
  1. Live and healthy plants flourish indoors and out

  2. Sculptural white desk with tube light above against a wood-paneled wall and floral wallpaper

    Custom furnishings and materials mimic patterns found in nature

  3. Community room with tv, lounge chairs, kitchen island, and plant-filled atrium

    An indoor atrium further connects residents to the outdoors

  4. Bedroom that opens up to a walk-in closet with four windows

    “Smart” glass technology is incorporated into every windowpane, allowing constant connection to the outdoors and daylight

  5. Spacious amenity rooms with tall ceilings provide a welcome relief from indoor limitations

Image of a building taken from the ground looking up at the sky.

View Smart Glass

View Smart Glass is incorporated into every single windowpane at Bower. Designed to tint automatically in response to ambient light levels throughout the day, the smart glass allows natural light in while keeping unwanted heat and glare out. Residents can enjoy views all day as well as have the option to tint the glass to their personal preference via a mobile app, or by letting the system adjust automatically.


In order to cultivate an experience that is nurturing to human and environmental well-being, the highest standards for health, wellness and sustainability were considered from the earliest days of design. Bower has officially been recognized as a 2021 Fitwel Best in Building Health® Award Winner! This award identifies communities who lead the industry in health and wellness standards evaluating the design and operations of a building. We are honored to receive this distinction with the highest overall score to continue supporting the health of our residents and community.

Community room with tv, lounge chairs, kitchen island, and plant-filled atrium

Fitwel Certification

Bower is pursuing certification under Fitwel, a health and wellness standard that evaluates the design and operations of a building. Bower expects to earn 100% of possible points in Location, Indoor Environment, Dwellings, Water Supply and Emergency Procedures.
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LEED Certification

Designed to use 21% less energy than a typical building, Bower has earned a LEED Gold Certification using the USGBC’s LEED v4—the most stringent version of LEED to date.

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Artwork is integral to the energy and understanding of Bower. The building’s collection draws deep connections to the world we live in by telling stories that are honest. The artwork is original and has been created by local Boston artists using a variety of mediums.